Anonymous: we are preparing to attend c2e2 at the end of the month and i'm making my first cosplay costume - lego deadpool for my son. i'm having a problem figuring out how to make his katana swords. do you have any instructions or a tutorial that i could follow for a cardboard sword?

Hi there~

I would recommend this tutorial (go through the second lot of image links).

It’s basically sandwiching corrugated cardboard together with lots of hot glue and a wooden dowel in the centre to strengthen it. You can also use foam core board instead as well.

It is actually quite hard to get the glue on the outer edges of it smooth, so what you can do is place baking paper over top and iron the glue smooth.

Or because lego deadpool’s swords look quite rounded, you can sew a sock-like cover (just trace around the sword and cut out fabric for both sides, and just sew up the edges) using shiny black spandex/thin vinyl, apply glue on the sword and slip it on. It’ll cover up bumps a lot easier than applying gesso and sanding it.

So I hope that helps and you and your son have a great time at the con! Good luck!

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Final book preview - now into the last day of preorders! Orders will close at 10pm tonight, NZ time. Last chance! Hardcover versions of the book will never be available again! Get your copy at  :D :D 

Hey guys, last day to preorder the Cosplay New Zealand book! It’s a beautiful book created by an amazing NZ photographer, don’t miss out!
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Preview: [Koi wa Sensou] me as Meiko
Photography by Jimi Ennis

Jimi’s back and was keen for another shoot so we finally got around to the graffiti alleyway! (UGH I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THE PHOTOS)
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I’m heading down to the south island tomorrow, first stop Christchurch then Dunedin for geddon. And rinse and repeat for the following weekend for Chchgeddon.
Meiko took longer than expected (idon’tevenknow) but I’ll be wearing her for Sunday Dunegeddon & Saturday Chchgeddon.
Can’t wait to see you all there!